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Zumba 21 Day Challenge

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Do you feel like your year didn’t get started the way you intended..... because you’ve been too busy enjoying summer? Do you find it easier to set goals and make changes once the kids are back at school, you are back at work and your own routine is re-established. If this sounds like you then join me on this Zumba 21 Day Challenge starting Monday 1 March. You can choose for the 21 days to work on ANY one or more or even ALL of the following.... 🍑 Regular/daily exercise 🥑 Healthy eating, no cheating 💦 Increased water intake 🧘‍♀️ Daily relaxation, meditation or reading 🙏 Keeping a Gratitude journal 👊 Your own personal goal The challenge is only 21 days long so we are going to work hard... BUT I will also encourage you to set reasonable and realistic goals. We need to set ourselves up for success, not disappointment that will only reinforce negative thoughts. If you’re keen to join us click on the button and I will help you get set to start on Monday. Let’s go 💥

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