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Just as Zumba arrived in New Zealand, Michal had decided to get back into exercising after the birth of her third child. She immediately fell in love with the Zumba philosophy, that exercise could feel like a party.

Michal is now a licensed Zumba instructor and has been holding her own classes in Invercargill for the past five years. She is licensed to teach Zumba Fitness, Zumba Kids, Zumba Gold and Strong Nation. 

Michal loves seeing her students letting go, forgetting their worries, and having a great time at every class. Michal has seen the positive effect that Zumba can have in so many student's lives.  It truly is good for the body and the soul.

Currently teaches all classes


Lisi, originallly from Austria moved to Invercargill in 2017 and was looking for a way to get back into fitness and to meet people when she found out about Michal's Zumba classes.  Turns out she found both there (still working on that fitness...)

After her training as a Zumba Instructor in 2019, Lisi decided to start up a Zumba Gold class together with Andi.

"What I love about Zumba is that it is such a fun way to exercise and it caters for so many different levels of fitness. It is a great way to start back on your fitness journey and actually enjoy working out.  Who doesn't like dancing with a bunch of friendly people?"

Currently overseas


Andi was after some social exercise so decided to try out one of Michal's Zumba classes on a whim.  After her first session, she was hooked.  Not only is Zumba social, but it is heaps of fun and keeps you fit! 

In 2019, Andi became a licensed Zumba instructor and enjoys teaching Zumba Gold with Lisi.  


Andi is passionate about sharing Zumba with everyone and loves to see her students enjoying movement and staying fit in a fun environment.

Currently relieves classes

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